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    Height: Up to 45m. Bark: Grey with distinctive patchy flaking revealing buff coloured bark beneath. Leaf: Green with variable lobbing  
    Flowers. Male and female in separate petal less clusters on the same tree, male is yellow and female is reddish. Fruit: Pendent, spiky globes, covered with bristles, green ripening to brown.

    The London plane is thought to be a hybrid between the Oriental Plane (Platanus orietalis) and the American Plane or Buttonwood (Platanus occidentalis).

    It is a frequent street tree in Ireland and is easily recognised by its peeling bark. It is an ideal tree for the city environment. It is easy to prune without killing the tree which sprouts freely again.

    Its leaves are similar to the sycamore but spikier. It can also be distinguished from Maples by its alternate leaves and by its enlarged leaf stalk bases as Maples have opposite leaves.

    Fruit develops in the winter and are spiky, globular and rather woody. It flowers from June to July. Emerging leaves have soft orange hairs which rub off. Bark on young trees flakes away leaving yellow patches.