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Hyland's Nursery Horse Chestnut Price List

Horse chestnut - Aesculus The horse chestnut is deciduous and can grow up to 40m in height. The leaves of the horse chestnut look like long green fingers that spread out from a central stem.  White, pink or yellow flowers appear in May, but it’s not until the autumn that the chestnuts fall from the tree.  The fruit of the horse chestnut are shiny brown chestnuts called conkers.  They grow inside a thick, fleshy, casing that has sharp spikes on the outside to protect it

Horse Chestnut Leaves               Horse Chestnut Tree

Horse Chestnut Leaves                                               Horse Chestnut Tree

Hyland's Nursery Horse Chestnut Price List
Aesculus Bare rooted whips. Prices From: € 1.00 each.
  2 - 2.5 meter (7 - 8ft) high trees. Prices From: € 30.00 each.
  3 - 4 meter (10 - 12ft) high mature trees. Prices From: € 120.00 each.
  Other sizes may be available on request.    

Prices listed above are for collection from our Nursery in Oulart.

Visit our: Terms & Conditions of Supply page for more details on our supply, delivery and payment options, or contact John Joe directly on: 087 277 3492 or 

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